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Pre-School Aquatics

Pre-School Aquatics Program

(3 to 5 years old – 30 minute duration)

The Preschool Swimming programs encourage the child’s independence from their parent/guardian within an aquatic environment using play and self-discovery.

The Murray Aquatic & Leisure Centre Pre-school Swimming Program includes four classes with students starting at Tadpoles and concluding at Frogs Advanced. It also prepares children for the Learn-to-Swim program by teaching survival skills and basic stroke development.

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1) Enter water safely
2) Exhale with face in water
3) Open eyes underwater
4) Submerge
5) Float/glide on front and recover to a standing position
6) Float/glide on back and recover to a standing position
7) Exit water safely
8) Survival Sequence T1: Enter water, float for 10 second using a floatation aid, and exit safely



1) First independent swim.
2) Safe entry - twist and turn.
3) Blowing bubbles – face in.
4) Submerge completely - with confidence.
5) Front float – assisted.
6) Back float – assisted.
7) Front kick with noodle face in.
8) Safe exit – hand walk along pool side and climb out.
9) Recover an object – no goggles.
10) Front float –Independent 5 seconds
11) Introduce sculling hands
12) Front glide - assisted
13) Back glide - assisted
14) Front kick – with dumbbell “splashy kick”
15) Back glide – with dumbbell “splashy kick”
16) Front glide – independent
17) Back glide – Independent –sculling hands
18) Lateral flutter kick – in shallow
19) Front kick – with dumb bell-attempts flutter kick
20) Front swim – stretch and pull arms with flutter kick
21) Lateral flutter kick – with dumbbell
22) Front kick- with dumbbell-flutter kick-streamline
23) Back kick – with dumbbell- flutter kick-streamline
24) Front glide with flutter - independent
25) Back glide – push and kick
26) Roll over on all axis’s


1) Enter and exit water safely
2) Open eyes underwater
3) Submerge
4) Kick on front and recover to a standing position
5) Kick on back and recover to a standing position
6) Sculling (basic)
7) Reach rescue - Laying on stomach out of the water, pulls the instructor to safety using an aid to perform an extended reach rescue
8) Survival Sequence T2: Jump into 1.3m deep water, float on back and kick to safety (extension)

Frog Advance

1) Confidence in deep water 25m
2) Duck-dives-retrieve an object in deep
3) Introduce freestyle arms-assisted with a aid
4) Freestyle arms-clearing the water
5) Side breathing-with aid
6) Introduce backstroke
7) 5m freestyle –correct breathing
8) 5m backstroke – correct technique
9) Breaststroke kick on back-with board
10) Somersault
11) Dolphin kick
12) Treading water- deep water
13) 15m front kick with board
14) 15m back kick with board
15) 10m freestyle- correct technique
16) 10m survival backstroke- correct technique
17) Breaststroke kick on front-with board
18) Breaststroke kick on front –hands recover in front
19) Breaststroke – timing
20) Crouch dive
21) Kneeling dive – unassisted, streamline entry
22) Safety sequence 1 –talk/reach
23) Safety sequence 2 –talk/throw
24) Sculling head first
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