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Infant Aquatics

These fun, interactive and informative classes are a great way to bond with your little one while introducing them to the water.

We use songs, games and water toys to engage in a safe and enjoyable way. Our classes are held in our warm water pool, which is always 33-34 degrees, and so comfortable for babies and parents alike.

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6 - 12 months

Skill #Outcome
1Enter water safely with carer. Carer to become relaxed interacting with the child.
2Condition baby for submersion using verbal and physical triggers. Experience water on the head and body
3On displayed readiness, with instructor guidance, undertake assisted submersion on trigger words and physical cues.
4Display comfort when performing assisted front and back floating activities.
5Be gently rocked, turned and towed through water. Maintain baby’s grasp reflex by gripping t-shirts and fingers.
6Be encouraged to splash the arms and kick the legs using trigger words.

12 - 18 months

Skill #Outcome
7With support reach for carer and enter the water from a seated position. Exit the water with the carer.
8Extend baby’s breath control. Initiate putting water on the face, head and body.
9On readiness extend assisted submersions.
10On readiness front float between adults and or platforms. Assisted back float with confidence.
11With assistance roll from one side to the other – back to front, front to back.
12Carer to support legs and arms to kick and paddle on front and back

18 months - 2 years

Skill #Outcome
13With support enter the water from a seated position towards the carer. Be turned towards the edge to hold. Hand walk along the pool edge with assistance if necessary
14Continue breath control activities and water on the face. Encourage independent face submersions.
15Experience assisted and unassisted submersions, between adults, to adult, in shallow water.
16Initiate independent free float activates under supervision. Continue with assisted back floats
17Experience body orientation and rotation in a vertical position.
18Move legs up and down with carer encouragement. (kick, kick). Experience reaching for objects and pulling arms through the water.

2 - 2.5 years

Skill #Outcome
19With support safely step into the water from a standing position towards the carer. Be turned towards the edge to hold. Hand walk along the pool edge and climb out with assistance.
20Independently submerge the face and hold breath.
21Experience assisted and unassisted submersions and hold on to pool edge with assistance if necessary.
22With encouragement float on front and back using a flotation aid.
23With support experience crawling, walking, kicking and climbing on a floating mat.
24Assisted and unassisted swims using arms and legs through the water.

2.5 - 3 years

Skill #Outcome
25With support enter the water using a slide in entry and hold onto the pool edge. With minimal assistance attempt to climb out of the pool.
26Once breath control is mastered, blow bubbles with face fully submerged.
27Demonstrate independent submersion with carer encouragement.
28Front and back floating with and without support. Building to a 5 second release.
29With assistance rotate body from back to front whilst holding a floatation aid.
30Display independent propulsion of kick and paddle. Experience manipulation of the propulsive skills.

3 - 3.5 years

Skill #Outcome
31With support safely jump into the water from a standing position towards the carer and return to the wall ready to exit. Exit that water safely unassisted.
32Blow bubbles with the face fully submerged, take a breath and repeat the sequence.
33With encouragement initiate own submersion and recover securely. Retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool in progressively deeper water.
34Front and back floating with and without support. Building to a 10 second release.
35With assistance rotate body in a vertical position whilst holding a flotation aid.
36Refine propulsive movements.
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